• 8 Simple ways to a more sustainable lifestyle - The small things you can do around your home, that can make a long-lasting difference to the environment. Everyone thinks about recycling but what about the items that you aren't able to recycle? Having a sustainable home is about the everyday items you purchase, creating a sustainable living. Think eco-friendly household items, living an eco life, upcycling, sustainability, pre-loved furniture, second-hand clothing, and vintage items.

    8 simple ways to a more sustainable lifestyle

    Since we moved into our own house, I have been really trying to make simple choices around our everyday living that make my pollution imprint that little bit less. I give so much credit to those people out there that have metal straws and carry around their own takeaway container, and have said 100% no to plastic, but I am just not there yet. However, I still want to make choices that are for the betterment of the planet, be it big or small. Most people really don’t trouble themselves with thinking about our own personal waste output, it merely gets taken away once a week and we forget all about it –…


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