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How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

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I love flowers, there is something about fresh-cut market flowers in my home that really brightens my day. I don’t know whether it is their fresh scent, their bright and cheerful colours, or the way they liven up a room; but they are a simple and effective way to add a nice touch to any room, not to mention the perfect gift for someone special or even yourself.

The sad truth is that flowers don’t last forever. However, these guidelines and little known tips can help ensure the longevity of your flowers.

The first thing to keep in mind that some flowers naturally last longer than others. Roses, lilies, freesia, daisies, and sunflowers tend to stay fresh longer than hyacinths, lilacs, daffodils, ranunculus, and tulips. These are notorious for wilting after only a few days.

General Care Advice For All Flower Types

TIP 1:
Carefully remove your flowers from their packaging, and remove the hydration wrap from the stems along with any other protective packaging. Rinse the stems well.

TIP 2:
Using sharp cutters, chop 2-3cm off the bottom of each stem. Chopping off the bottom a little helps your flowers to stay hydrated, and stay fresher for longer. It also helps if you cut the stems on a 45-degree angle – this provides more surface area for the flowers to drink from. Clever!

TIP 3:
Remove all the lower leaves and foliage from around the bottom of the stems (that fall below the waterline). These leaves tend to make the water a bit swampy and smelly, which produces nasty bacteria that decreases the flowers’ life.

TIP 4:
Make sure your vase is squeaky clean (it means less bacteria and a longer vase life for your flowers.) Fill the vase with tap water, usually about two-thirds full. Pop the flowers straight into the vase.

TIP 5:
Keep the flowers out of direct sunlight and away from any breezes or heat sources or bowls of fruit as they really don’t like the ethylene gases that fruit emits as it ripens.

TIP 6:
Just like in nature, your flowers will naturally blossom and wilt at different times. When any of the petals begin to wilt, pluck them out from the bunch so they don’t spoil the rest.


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