How I made my own wedding invites and saved

Anyone who has ever planned or been involved in a wedding knows how crazy expensive they are to organise. It is so easy for your budget to get out of control really quickly, as the multitude of growing needs for your dream wedding escalates. So when it came to my own wedding planning I really needed to look at where we could cut costs, that wouldn’t affect our magical day. Here’s how I made my own wedding invites and saved.
Wedding invites are surprisingly expensive (but most anything you add the word “wedding” to is)! Plus wedding invites seem to vary from the simple to the crazy elaborate with lace and folds and confetti.  I am however about to throw a truth bomb at you that you might not like – No one really “truly” cares about what your wedding invites looks like except you. Granted people will receive it in the mail and have a ‘Nawwww’ moment, but a good percentage pop it on the fridge as a date reminder or lose it. So needless to say wedding invites was where I made my budget cut. Cutting your budget doesn’t necessarily mean cutting back on quality, I loved my wedding invites, it is more about simplifying them into to needs versus wants.

DIY wedding & engagement invitation. Cutting your budget doesn't mean cutting back on quality - these vintage wedding invites are inexpensive & elegant.

DIY: How I made my own wedding invites and saved

What you will need:


Creating your own invites opens up so many opportunities to make it very personal and special to you. My wedding invitations had a Harry Potter theme to tie in with my super nerdy engagement, and it made the invitations very special and personal to me. I decided to concentrate my theme on the Golden Snitch, which was the ring that my now Husband presented me with on our engagement day. I designed my invitations using Adobe Photoshop and a graphic I found online of a sketched Golden Snitch. There are however some amazing sites out there to either design your own artwork such as Canva, or you can purchase printable designs customised to your liking from Etsy and simply print them yourself.


The paper I used was Cristina Re Luxury Linen Paper which I sourced from Spotlight (or White Linen Textured Finish Cardstock), and it worked perfectly with my design.  This premium matt Linen card stock really added that something special to the wedding invitations, making them look elegant and sophisticated as opposed to normal card paper. The Luxury Linen Paper is a soft pearl white with a subtly textured surface – The website states: perfect for printing purposes. Laser and inkjet printer compatible. Acid-free. For my wedding invitations, I designed them A5 as my size and I merely printed two side-by-side versions of my own invitation design onto an A4 page and cut them in half (again saving cost with less paper to purchase). *US readers: Letter paper can be used also and cut in half for the same result.


Lastly those finishing touches, I was also able to easily source white envelopes in A5 from eBay and I highlighted the theme with gold embellishments. I used gold ribbon to tie together the wedding invitation, RSVP card, and gift registry card before placing them into the envelope, then sealed the envelope with a gold sequinned seal sticker and addressed the envelopes with a gold pen. This all worked beautifully together with the Golden Snitch theme I had used for the invitation design. Below is another beautiful example I found on Etsy, super affordable, and eye-catching.


I would definitely recommend if you are currently planning your wedding, do look into making your own wedding invites, and try not to get caught up in the hype. All materials for my wedding invites cost me around $50, which was a massive saving and I still got great compliments about the creative design and the quality of the beautiful paper. Choosing to create my own wedding invites really allowed me to make them something special for us both. The money we saved also allowed us to use this for other areas of the wedding that make a bigger impact (in my opinion).

DIY wedding & engagement invitation. Cutting your budget doesn't mean cutting back on quality - these vintage wedding invites are inexpensive & elegant.

** This invite is downloadable and fully editable. I will be adding it to my store shortly, watch this space.

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  1. These are so gorgeous and the snitch is amazing. I definitely think this is something I’ll DIY for my own (future) wedding!

  2. What a great post! Very creative and beautiful invitations. I did my niece’s wedding invitation and I have to say I saved a lot! Love this!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea! I always think that creating your own wedding invites can be totally achievable and so much more special and personalised… especially with things like Etsy where you can get templates!
    I will totally create my own invites for a next event I launch – there’s nothing nicer than thick stock to make them feel luxurious! x

    • So true what you say about good quality stock paper and I think that is one of the main key items to making them really special.
      I’d love to see your invites for your next event, make sure you share them online 🙂

  4. I just received a handmade wedding invite and loved how personal they were. These ones are so beautiful.
    Emma Inks

  5. Love love love the golden snitch!!! Such a unique embellishment for your invitations and reflects who you are =) We DIYed our save the dates and invitations too…even folded my own “lace” inner envelopes each by hand from large doilies. Doing it yourself is a labor of love, but it does save you a lot of money! (totally worth it)

    • Me too Kaitlin!! And your wedding invites sounded adorable, and I totally agree it’s a labour of love and a great money saver. PS: I want to see Instagram photos now, make sure you tag me 😉

  6. WOW these invites are absolutely stunning!! I would definitely try making my own for my wedding (when it eventually ever happens!) but these are beautiful. I’m off to check out all of your other wedding posts now! I do love a wedding.
    XO Lottie

    • Thanks Lottie! I found planning my wedding so hard as most people you talk with have only done it once, and trying to plan everything can be stressful so I really wanted to share my tips to help future brides out. I hope you enjoyed all the wedding inspiration. <3

  7. Good on you for doing your own invites! They turned out beautifully. I’m currently planning my wedding and it’s expensive however I’m picking and choosing where to spend our money. Invites were important to us to set the mood for the wedding and I like supporting small local business so we’ve decided to get ours made… We DIY’d our engagement invitations and it was so much work/stress so that definitely spurred us to pay for invites too!
    Sarah | More Than Adored

    • I love that you are deciding what is important to you both and what you can save some money on Sarah. Like you said weddings are expensive, and if we can save a penny here or there why not?! I am actually a graphic designer so invites where an easier one for me to do a bit of DIY there. I do know heaps of ladies who made their own wedding cake, which I wouldn’t attempt myself, but is all about using your skills to your advantage. I am sure you have the beauty angle covered!! <3

  8. Can I ask how many invites you made and hownmych time it took?

    • Sure Chrissy! I made about 50 invites and to be honest, I am not sure how long it took me all up, as I did break each job up over a few days, but maybe 3-4 hours? The printing and cutting took no time, but putting the cards altogether and into envelopes was probably the longest part. Hope this is helpful for you.

  9. Hello! Thank you so much for your post!! I made my wedding invites a year ago and it literally saved me hundreds! Although it is tedious at times, it truly is easy. I used invitation pockets (i ordered them from Cards and and used cardstock I purchased from staples. I wish brides would realize how easy it is to make their own invites, so they could save money and put it towards other things…. like the honeymoon.

  10. I am currently planning my wedding and I will definitely be taking this into serious consideration because it will save me tons! Thanks for your post!

  11. Those tips you mentioned is incredible. I am glad, you shared this thing with us. It’s really save money and I can make it my own.

  12. Silly questions, but what is A5 and A4? What do they mean?And what did you use as resopnse/rsvp cards?

    • Sorry, A4 & A5 is Australian and UK paper sizing, similar I guess to your Letter paper size? I actually used the same paper and changed up the design a little and used it for RSVP, I actually cut the paper in quarters for that (instead of half for the invites). Good Luck! 🙂

  13. I love these and would definitely look at designing and printing my own wedding invitations, if I ever do get married.

  14. The most helpful post I have stumbled upon so far!! Such great advice and beautiful, creative touches. I cannot wait to start my own invitations process within the next few weeks!

    • Oh I am so glad you found my post helpful! Enjoy creating your own invites, I loved the process. <3 Also Congratulations on your coming wedding - wishing you all the best.

  15. I love these and am also DIY-ing my invites! 🙂
    I purchased your sample and it said it would download automatically, but didn’t. Did I miss something?

    • Thank you for your purchase! DIY invites are the way to go. You should receive an email with a link after your purchase is successful. Please email me if you have any issues 😁 Also check your junk folder.

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