Gift ideas for Dad using the 5 Love Languages

Buying for Dads can be a tough one. They are the one person in the family who don’t really need or want for anything. I always joke that had it been up to my husband to decorate our house, our couch would be overturned milk cartons (haha). However, upstanding someones “Love Language” makes it that little bit easier to know what to gift them.

The 5 Love Languages is an online test that you can take which shows you how you like to be praised or shown that you are cared for. As the founder, Gary Chapman explains it “After 30 years as a marriage counsellor, I am convinced that there are five basic love languages – five ways to express love emotionally. Each person has a primary love language that we must learn to speak if we want that person to feel loved.” I actually did this test at a work conference in order to discover how my staff liked to be acknowledged for their successes and I loved it so much I took it home and got my husband to take it. And I will admit I was surprised with the results, it is funny how people normally praise people the way in which THEY like to be praised or shown that they are appreciated yet everyone has a different way of reading praise or love.


How does this help me when it comes to gift buying?

The key thing I took away from The 5 Love Languages is that everyone receives love language differently, which means you may be showering someone with a gift and what really would make them feel loved and appreciated is a card with some beautiful words in it or to have some one-on-one time with you. Not everyone appreciates the physical gift, so identifying how someone truly likes to be shown love is a crucial part of any gift-giving.


The 5 Love Languages – By Gary Chapman

Below is an explanation of the 5 Love Languages and I have combined them with gift ideas to help you give your loved one the gift they truly will love and deserve. I always say the best presents aren’t about how much they cost, but about how much thought has gone into them.


Words of Affirmation

These are verbal expressions of care and affection. Think: “Thanks for putting the kids to bed” or “You looked really nice today”.

Gift ideas would include Engraved Jewellery or Watch, Heartfelt Letter or Kids Painting, or a Jar full of Love Notes.


Acts of Service

Doing something helpful or kind for the Dad/Husband in your life. Think: Waking up with the baby in the middle of the night, doing the dishes or cooking dinner.

Gift ideas would include Breakfast in Bed or Redeemable Chore Coupons.


Receiving Gifts

Tangible and intangible items that make you feel appreciated or noticed. Going to a concert, for example, is as much of a gift as socks and jocks or that new Xbox game they want.

Gift ideas would include a gift basket that covers all the Love Languages.


Quality Time

Engaging in an activity together, particularly one you both enjoy, like a walk after dinner or watching Tiger King with a plate of nachos.

Gift ideas would include a Picnic in the Park or new boardgame for a Boardgames Night.


Physical Touch

Physical expressions of love, whether sexual or more platonic, such as holding hands, a back scratch, a hug, or a kiss.

Gift ideas would include a Comfy Pyjamas or a Weighted or Heated Blanket.


I hope these have given you some fresh ideas to help find the perfect gift for the Dad in your life.


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