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Everything you need to know about home fragrance

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When thinking about a home’s atmosphere, we immediately think about decor, the colour of the walls, the lighting, the ‘homely’ touches, and pretty much everything but fragrance. The smell is one of the most important senses, and your home’s scent greatly affects your mood, your productivity, and your comfort. So let’s talk about it!


Choosing a scent:

Generally, fruity scents tend to give an air of cleanliness to your home. Some florals like frangipani give off a cool freshness, while sweet scents like vanilla and caramel can give the air a comforting feeling (be careful it doesn’t make you hungry though!). 

If you’re looking to create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation, choose scents that feature lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang. If you want more of a carefree spiritual vibe, sandalwood (my favourite), geranium and amber scents are perfect. To brighten up a ‘mancave’, choose scents heavy in bergamot, musk and peppercorn. And your perfect odour eliminators are jasmine, linen and lime. 

And remember, if the wax changes, the scent changes. As a general rule, soy candles make each scent seem ‘creamier’ which give it a heavier and more comforting feeling in the air.

Choose your medium:

Not sure which scent to pick? You’d love an oil burner. Grab a bunch of different wax melts and try them out until you pick the scent that’s right for your home. Generally, each melt will have about 15 hours worth of scent, so they’re worth their price. 

Or, for a flame-free alternative, reed diffusers and scented mist diffusers disperse fragrance just as far without you having to worry about having a flame in the home. Or, try potpourri or vacuum beads. The options are endless!

Most common candle care mistakes:

Candle burning sideways: When we blow out a candle after use, it can off-centre the wick and cause the candle to burn ‘crooked’ during its next use. The best way to avoid this is to put your candle out with a snuffer, which puts out the flame by eliminating the flame’s oxygen with no wick movement. Head to your local Dusk store and pick up a candle snuffer for $17.99, you won’t regret it!

Black smoke coming from a candle: The black smoke is caused by ash stuck to the wick from the candle’s last burn. This smoke can be a little devil, and discolour nearby glass, decor and walls. It’s an easy thing to avoid, though! Trimming the candle’s wick before each use gets rid of the nasty old ash, and keeps the wick burning straight, which also gives you more burn time on your candle. Ideally, you’re aiming for a 6mm wick. But if you don’t have the time to measure it out, don’t worry! You can purchase pre-measured wick trimmers from Spotlight for only $11.

Spilt wax: How many times have we tipped over a ‘wet’ candle in its lantern, or had a taper candle drip onto the table? Wax is a pesky thing to remove, that’s for sure! Although, an unlikely product removes wax every time for me – Mr Sheen! A few squirts of this common cleaner onto the wax stain will lift it from the source and allow you to wipe it clean, and the best part is that you can get it from your local grocery store, no fuss!

Everything you need to know about home fragrance

Fragrancing your home really can completely change the home’s atmosphere, and the mindset of those inside. Understanding fragrance and choosing what’s right for you is an important part of homemaking – one that’s normally overlooked. 

We would love to hear about the scents you chose and how they changed the atmosphere of your home over on our Instagram!

‘Smell’ you later! 😉

** If you have pets at home, some scents aren’t safe for them to be around, so ensure to read this list before purchasing a candle or diffuser.