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The magic of decorating with indoor plants

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I have a very black thumb. It appears I cannot keep anything alive from hearty cacti to the resilient Australian native. So you should all be a bit worried that I have been gambling with decorating with indoor plants.

It’s a bit random but the reason I decided to get some indoor plants for our home was because of our Christmas tree – bear with me – the luscious green of the tree really livened up our living room and made the drab space more inviting. After we took down the tree in January (LATE January – Oops) I really felt like the room was needing something.

Purchasing our house just over a year ago, we have done a lot to it renovation wise but I am still working my way through and adding in all the little touches of personality that really make it a home. So, of course, I had to share with you all the magic of decorating with indoor plants and how effective adding small touches to your house can be in helping to create an inviting and homely space – Plus everyone loves a bit of inspiration in their life.

I will admit I did stand in Bunnings for a very long time staring blankly at the indoor plant area (after wandering around for 10 minutes trying to find the indoor plant area). I am pretty sure if we were in a cartoon, I would have had question marks floating above my head. Obviously, with my black thumb I needed to find something that didn’t need too much love and attention to survive, but that also visually suited my space. In the end, I walked out with two indoor plants… and I killed them both.

I have since found this amazing article from my favourite blogger with this great graphic I have shared below. Sooooooo helpful!

5 Questions to Help you Choose the Right Indoor Plants (so They Actually Live)

What I learned to help keep my new plants alive
Don’t repot your new plant straight away. It is actually recommended that to minimise the stress of being relocated, you should allow the plants up to 3 weeks to become accustomed to their new surrounds and climate before stressing out the roots with re-potting. Makes sense to me so I am giving it a try. Also, my house is definitely not as abundant with water and correct temperatures like it received at the nursery.
Remember to read the direction on the plant tags, or ask the nursery staff for advice. I know with my two purchases above, that they both require different amounts of water and sunlight. So do your research, and take care of your investments. As these aren’t like any other home decoration, because these plants have the ability to give back and they will never go out of fashion, because who doesn’t love nature.

Indoor plants as home decor – THE VERDICT
I am seriously now addicted to indoor plants. Not only do they make elegant home decor additions, but they also purify and revitalise the air, making your home a much healthier place to live in. I really feel they have brightened up our home and would recommend to anyone needing to fill a space within their home or who have a room that just has something missing. Indoor plants also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours, so no matter your colour scheme or decorating inspiration, there will be a plant that suits your decorating needs.

Please note: Most indoor plants are actually toxic to animals. The lady at Bunnings did inform me that the animal would have to eat a lot to get any sort of reaction but it won’t kill them (not my science please do your own research).