7 Creative Entrepreneur Podcasts to Enrich and Inspire your week

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Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, there is truly a podcast to suit any personality or hobby. I personally began listening to podcasts for inspiration, tips and advice for my blog, and to help encourage my dream of becoming a creative entrepreneur,  from there I have since broadened my playlist to cover graphic design, home decor, and inspirational podcasters.

I feel the success of podcasts has a lot to do with people’s busy lifestyles giving them less time during the day to focus on their passions in life; podcasts embrace people’s need to feel connected and be informed. I personally love listening to podcasts when I commute or even when I am at work designing, I feel the encouraging words filling my ears help me to stay inspired and more creative within my day to day job as a graphic designer.
Even my husband is a lover of a good podcast, his favourites are How Stuff Works and Cracked… but this list today isn’t his picks to listen to but my own (although do check them out as they are great). I have compiled a list of my current favourite podcasts to listen to, these podcasts will leave you feeling inspired and ready to take on the next challenge, whether it be a blogging challenge, dreams of becoming a creative entrepreneur, decorating your home or just a love of listening to people talk about their adventures in life.

1. The Lively Show

Jess Lively has become increasing popular over the last year with her AMAZING motivational podcast, Jess talks about her own personal challenges in life but also interviews fellow creative entrepreneurs discussing with them how they have overcome challenges in their business or life to be the success that we now see today. Jess recently just sold her house and packed her bag for her own personal “Eat, Pray, Love” adventure which is going to be an amazing ride to go on with her.

2. Blissful Bites 

Nicole Culver is the owner of Blissful Eats snack company and the host of the Blissful Bites podcast where she shares stories and business tips from other female entrepreneurs in the food business. Even if you aren’t interested in food business this podcast is really great to see how people have made their ideas and dreams become a reality.

3. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is another well know podcaster. Pat’s podcast is heavily focused on running a successful business, and again his episodes are worked around interviewing guest speakers about how they made their business a success. This podcast is great to find tools and apps that make automating your business easier, making it perfect for the creative entrepreneur podcast listener.

4. Design Life

Charli and Femke are the two creative women behind Design Life, a podcast about working on your side design projects, while also working full time. The podcast came about when these young female designers saw a gap in the podcast market for a conversational show about design and the issues young creatives face; the podcast discusses topics like getting paid, overcoming a creative block and time management.

5. Mums with Hustle

You don’t have to be a Mum to get amazing value out of this podcast by Tracey Harris, an Australian Mum with hustle.  This podcast is for the lover of small businesses, the midnight blogger and the hardcore hustling mum. Tracey interviews a different female entrepreneur each week with a focus on Mum entrepreneurs that are killing it in their industry. You can take so much inspiration from each episode as Tracey’s guests discuss how they achieved their own personal success, their struggles, setbacks and how they overcame them, and how they found their niche in an ever growing world of online entrepreneurs – this podcast has so many tips and tricks to take away and implement yourself.

6. Find it. Style It.

Lauren Keenan, another successful Australian blogger, gives listeners the latest interior design trends and helps you create beautiful, livable and affordable spaces in your own home. Each episode has Lauren’s sharing her stylish tips and tricks on colour, furniture, homewares, shopping and even interviews with guests such as Jamie Durie. I am very into home decorating at the moment, as I am enjoy styling my first home, and Lauren’s tips and tricks are really great to help keep my vintage and thrifty styling on trend (kinda). I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes and I’m excited to see where this show goes.

7. Elise Gets Crafty

Elise Joy shares with her audience a podcast about creative small business, inspiration, and motivation – with a new guest each episode. Her chats are both inspiring and you can tell she really is engaged in her conversation with her guests, whether you are a small business owner, blogger or just love to be inspired then this podcast is for you. I take so much inspiration from the inspiring words, and true excitement and encouragement from this crafty podcast.

Do you have a favourite podcast? Would love you to share it with me, I am always looking for new inspirations. Also, make sure to pin this for later so you don’t miss these great podcasts!