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    Decluttering your Home and your Mindset

    Navigating through the ‘new normal’ can be tricky. Not only are we grappling with the notion of less social time, but we’ve also been forced to move our workspaces into our living rooms and do our jobs at home. This melding of work and home life can cause a fair amount of transition anxiety, many refer to “COVID anxiety”. And this anxiety, along with any mental health condition, can significantly reduce our motivation to clean, causing clutter in the home. Psychologists believe that our mental state significantly affects our ‘motivation meter’. Of course, low motivation due to this COVID anxiety can make us less inclined to tidy up around the…

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    Gift ideas for Dad using the 5 Love Languages

    Buying for Dads can be a tough one. They are the one person in the family who don’t really need or want for anything. I always joke that had it been up to my husband to decorate our house, our couch would be overturned milk cartons (haha). However, upstanding someones “Love Language” makes it that little bit easier to know what to gift them. The 5 Love Languages is an online test that you can take which shows you how you like to be praised or shown that you are cared for. As the founder, Gary Chapman explains it “After 30 years as a marriage counsellor, I am convinced that there…

  • Farm Nanna's Scone Recipe - Simple and Easy recipe that is delicious and fluffy!

    Farm Nanna’s Easy Plain Scones Recipe

    One of the greatest memories I have of my grandmother, or Farm Nanna as we used to call her, was her amazing cooking. Whenever we went to the farm to visit her and Farm Poppy she always put on a magnificent feast of corned beef, mashed potato and pumpkin, a mountain of vegetables and even dessert which always included custard and a treat – and this was just for lunch! There are many things I wish she had been able to teach me, before she left this world, like her flower art, her knitting, crafts, and other-world skills that seem to be disappearing in today’s society but the one thing…


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