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    At home with Natasha from @OurCozyAbode_

    I cannot remember exactly how I discovered @OurCozyAbode_ on Instagram, but Natasha’s feed fast became a favourite of mine with her modern eclectic, yet affordable style. Natasha’s home is full of earthy tones, rattan furniture and gorgeous indoor plants (I love finding other crazy plant mums). I also soon discovered that Natasha was local to me in Queensland, which is a bonus because when she shares her shopping finds online, I am close by and could hunt the items down for myself. Hahaha Natasha is also the co-host of the popular Instagram hashtag #myaustralianinterior. If you are not already, be sure to go and check it out and follow along yourself.…

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    Everything you need to know about home fragrance

    When thinking about a home’s atmosphere, we immediately think about decor, the colour of the walls, the lighting, the ‘homely’ touches, and pretty much everything but fragrance. The smell is one of the most important senses, and your home’s scent greatly affects your mood, your productivity, and your comfort. So let’s talk about it!   Choosing a scent: Generally, fruity scents tend to give an air of cleanliness to your home. Some florals like frangipani give off a cool freshness, while sweet scents like vanilla and caramel can give the air a comforting feeling (be careful it doesn’t make you hungry though!).  If you’re looking to create an atmosphere of…

  • How to get longer vase life from fresh flowers

    How to Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer

    I love flowers, there is something about fresh-cut market flowers in my home that really brightens my day. I don’t know whether it is their fresh scent, their bright and cheerful colours, or the way they liven up a room; but they are a simple and effective way to add a nice touch to any room, not to mention the perfect gift for someone special or even yourself. The sad truth is that flowers don’t last forever. However, these guidelines and little known tips can help ensure the longevity of your flowers. The first thing to keep in mind that some flowers naturally last longer than others. Roses, lilies, freesia, daisies, and…

  • At home with Courtney from @courtney_approved.

    At home with Courtney from @courtney_approved

    Recently I noticed a growing trend and love of purple making its appearance in interior design – in particular pastel lilac tones. When I think of purple tones and incorporating them seamlessly into your home, I think of the every so wonderful Courtney from @courtney_approved and her daughter Paisley’s room. I was lucky enough to work on a custom design for Paisley’s room, the gorgeous vintage-inspired girl with a flower wreath in her hair, the purple and navy tones ended up matching perfectly and the artwork looks like it was made for the space. Courtney has taken the time to discuss her decorating style and where she gets her inspiration…

  • How to update your bedroom on a budget

    How to update your bedroom on a budget

    How many times have you thought about updating your bedroom but felt like you can’t afford it? The idea of spending thousands on furniture alone is enough for us to put the idea in the ‘too hard basket’. But what if I told you it didn’t have to cost that much to give your room a whole new look?  The most helpful piece of advice I ever received opened my eyes to the idea of cost-saving via detail changes: “If you want a new look, don’t buy a new outfit – change your accessories and give your existing wardrobe a new feel for a portion of the cost.” (Thanks Mum!)…

  • Andwhatshefound - At Home with. Home decorating feature.

    At home with Katy from @andwhatshefound

    Andwhatshefound is an online seller of preloved/vintage pieces, specialising in authentic and unique items for your little ones, owned by the wonderful Katy. I first stumbled across the wonderful Katy via her beautiful Instagram page @andwhatshefound over a year ago. Katy’s journey into the world of vintage started out by simply sourcing vintage pieces for her daughter Alice’s nursery while on maternity leave and sharing them on her social media page before she knew it she had requests coming in from all over Australia to find similar items and that was it, the rest is history. Katy has the most amazing eye for all things vintage and reimagines them into her home…


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