Andwhatshefound is an online seller of preloved/vintage pieces, specialising in authentic and unique items for your little ones, owned by the wonderful Katy.

I first stumbled across the wonderful Katy via her beautiful Instagram page @andwhatshefound over a year ago. Katy's journey into the world of vintage started out by simply sourcing vintage pieces for her daughter Alice's nursery while on maternity leave and sharing them on her social media page before she knew it she had requests coming in from all over Australia to find similar items and that was it, the rest is history.

Katy has the most amazing eye for all things vintage and reimagines them into her home and her little girl Alice's magical bedroom - the perfect harmony of new and old.

Tell me a little about yourself and your beautiful family:

Hello! My name is Katy, wife to Trent and mummy to 2-year-old Alice. I’m a Londoner who moved to Melbourne over 6 years ago. My day job is in advertising but I also work part-time on my vintage business And What She Found. My passion is sourcing and using thrift/vintage pieces in the home with the new addition of preloved clothing for toddlers. The dream is one day this becomes my full-time job.

How would you describe your home decorating style?

Oooh, I never know how to answer this one! I would say it’s eclectic. I love vintage décor but I also live in a modern apartment. I'm constantly mixing the old with the new. For example, I might have a vintage-inspired sheet but it’s going on a modern Scandinavian cot. However, some things I know I always gravitate too are cane and florals.

What is your favourite space/room that you’ve decorated?

Without a doubt my daughter’s bedroom. Decorating a child’s room is so much more fun! Whilst you still have to cover off the practical items like a bed, chest of drawers, etc you also get to do fun things like a reading nook or a play area. I’m constantly evolving her space, I can’t help myself, my mind is buzzing with ideas all the time.

Do you have any tips for keeping your home organised with young children?

We live in a small apartment and three things that have always helped me are as follows:

  1. We don’t have enough space to put all of Alice’s items away so anything that goes on display has to look good as well as be useful. All her wooden toys, for example, are constantly out but I don’t mind because they look great and blend in with the rest of our home.
  2. I go through all her clothes, toys, etc on a regular basis and donate anything that hasn’t been used. It’s amazing what a declutter can achieve and it keeps her room tidy.
  3. Lastly, we gave Alice her own storage space in the lounge. Try as we might contain everything in her bedroom it would always fail. At the end of every day, we pick up all the items that have played with and put them back into boxes in the lounge. The same goes for her play kitchen in her bedroom. That way when she’s in bed we can relax and not worry about the mess all around us.

Tell me about your favourite vintage item in your home?

Honestly, it changes all the time! At the moment it’s probably this cute wicker doll’s carrier that I purchased from @koko_and_bear and the matching wicker doll’s cradle that I found on Gumtree a year ago.

What design trend can you not stop using?

Whilst I love vintage I wouldn’t say my style is retro or shabby chic. At the heart of my taste is Scandinavian design. This probably doesn’t come across as much on my page as I hero a lot of vintage pieces but our home is influenced by Scandinavian and Danish design. I love clean modern lines and I can’t see this changing anytime soon especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. I like to invest in good quality furniture and then change my décor pieces as my style evolves.

Where do you source inspiration?

Instagram, Instagram, Instagram. I’m influenced by quite a few styling feeds. I can’t think of anyone who has exactly the same taste as me but look closely and you’ll see there are snippets here and there from my favourites. Accounts that I go back to time and time again are:

And just for fun, would you rather everything in your house be one colour or every single wall and door be a different colour?

I had to think about this one! My gut tells me to colour in every room but in reality, I think I am probably one colour in every room type of person. One colour allows the space to feel bigger and items can be more interchangeable between rooms. That said, I do love a good pop of colour!

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