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At home with Natasha from @OurCozyAbode_

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I cannot remember exactly how I discovered @OurCozyAbode_ on Instagram, but Natasha’s feed fast became a favourite of mine with her modern eclectic, yet affordable style. Natasha’s home is full of earthy tones, rattan furniture and gorgeous indoor plants (I love finding other crazy plant mums). I also soon discovered that Natasha was local to me in Queensland, which is a bonus because when she shares her shopping finds online, I am close by and could hunt the items down for myself. Hahaha

Natasha is also the co-host of the popular Instagram hashtag #myaustralianinterior. If you are not already, be sure to go and check it out and follow along yourself.


At home with Natasha from @OurCozyAbode

Tell me a little about yourself and/or your beautiful family.

I’m a mum of two. We are entering into the pre-teens and all the emotions that come with it so life is very interesting at the moment! I’m currently on a break from my previous job as a special needs teacher aide and that has pushed me to start my Instagram page and have a creative outlet for myself now my Children are becoming more independent and I’m excited to see where this platform takes me.

How would you describe your home decorating style?

I often ask myself this and I think I’m a little bit of everything – a mixer of styles. A little boho, a little eclectic and throw in a bit of coastal haha I think that sums it up! I do love all interior styles and have tried them all but my heart is definitely for all things bright, colourful and fun!! I think your home should be an expression of your personality and tell your story!
I also love affordable styling! I believe you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a house a home and make it your own! DIYs and Upcycling is a great affordable way to style a space! And pieces like plants and art can be very budget-friendly and make a big impact.

What design trend can you not stop using?

Oh, definitely rattan furniture and plants!! Can’t get enough!! I think plants are so great at taking a space to the next level. They are affordable and also so good for your health! I love that so many trends from the ’70s and ’80s are coming back in!

Where do you source inspiration?

I love sourcing inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and sometimes I’ll just come up with ideas myself and go yup I’ll try that if it fails oh well. I love following @genevavanderzeil and @klvhome on Instagram. Their unique styles are amazing and Geneva’s DIYs are so good!

What is one of your favourite space/room that you’ve decorated?

Oh, I’ll have to choose two!! I love my little entry space and restyle it on the daily haha I also love my little bamboo IKEA shelves and also reshuffle them constantly.

Tell me about your favourite item in your home/space discussing?

I love my brass round mirror and rattan bench! Both in my entry and both were very affordable but make a great statement and are pieces that are classic even when trends change.

What made you choose printable wall art when decorating your home, and what was it that you loved about the Botanical Floral Art Set?

I love how art prints can transform a space instantly! They can show your personality too! I love the ease of printable art and that you can simply download and print at home. I chose the Botanical Floral Art Set prints because I loved their simplicity, and how they work in any space, because of their neutral colour tones.

And just for fun, would you rather everything in your house be one colour or every single wall and door be a different colour?

Ohh haha that is tough!! Hmm, I love my colour for sure but don’t think I could handle every door and wall a different colour, haha I will have to go with everything being one colour!


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