At home with Courtney from @courtney_approved.

At home with Courtney from @courtney_approved

Recently I noticed a growing trend and love of purple making its appearance in interior design – in particular pastel lilac tones. When I think of purple tones and incorporating them seamlessly into your home, I think of the every so wonderful Courtney from @courtney_approved and her daughter Paisley’s room.

I was lucky enough to work on a custom design for Paisley’s room, the gorgeous vintage-inspired girl with a flower wreath in her hair, the purple and navy tones ended up matching perfectly and the artwork looks like it was made for the space.

Courtney has taken the time to discuss her decorating style and where she gets her inspiration from in this weeks “At Home With”. Over to you Courtney…

At home with Courtney from @courtney_approved.

Tell me a little about yourself and your beautiful family:

Hi everyone, I’m a Melbourne mum of two little rascals. Liberty and Paisley who are nearly 4 and 2 years old. PreCovid and two redundancies, I worked in media and PR for some of your favourite brands and currently I’m a stay at home mum with a love for Bunnings, DIY projects and a deep passion for wine 😜 Thanks Rona. But in all seriousness – I’m just really looking for the right project or role to come along as I’m currently nagging my husband about either doing a serious renovation/extension or a knockdown rebuild and need some dollar bucks to fund my love of terrazzo flooring and brass tapware.

How would you describe your home decorating style?

My decorating style is what I call modern classic. You should see my face writing that – what a contradiction. I really like American architecture, the really classic lines of their homes with those quirky details that make houses homes. No white shiny, glossy anything here. I’m a classic girl with a love of navy and florals (pretty obvious with my kid’s names) and I like finding treasures in what my husband calls “junk stores”, mixing high-end treasures with your high street finds and I’m all about a finding a bargain or being able to make or improve something myself.

What design trend can you not stop using?

I’m currently obsessing with paint and painting everything. Paint is such a great affordable way to enhance your home on a budget. Just make sure either you or your partner is a good one otherwise it can be an utter mess. Also, I’ll paint anything really and sometimes it’s like putting lipstick on a pig and sometimes it’s utter gold. Always worth a try in my option. I’ve loved adding some painted vases to the girl’s rooms with dried flowers in them and also adding some feature walls to our home including our master and entry.

Where do I source inspiration?

Oh gosh everywhere…

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram – I love a good stalk!
  • Magazines
  • Florist shops
  • Nature walks with the girls. They’re quite slow at the moment especially when we have nowhere else to be so I’ve appreciated the little treasures they find along the way.
  • Antique markets or junk stalls whichever way you see them
  • Window shopping – with great window displays. Some of my continuous favourites at Chadstone are TDE, Aesop, Gucci, Kikki K

What is one of your favourite spaces that you’ve decorated?

My favourite room in the house at the moment has got to be my youngest daughter Paisley’s bedroom. It gets the northern sunshine in through her window and gosh it’s so pretty at the moment. Her room took a little longer to put together than Liberty’s as I always dreamed of a little girl so I needed to find new inspiration when I started to put P’s room together when we found out that we were blessed with two little girls in two years. Previously it was our study and office area and had a navy feature wall in it, which I didn’t want to lose so choose some beautiful complimentary shades to create a secondary feature wall for the room which I got my husband to paint the two-tone wall, the lilac is Whipped Violet and the pink is Pretty Lady both by Dulux.

Tell me about your favourite item in your home?

My favourite item in her room is the DIY headboard that I created for under $100 which is a total steal for a curve bead head in gorgeous linen fabric in ink. I didn’t have a budget of $1500 for buying the curved bedhead I was lusting to upgrade Paisley to a big girl bed. So I decided that it was worth a shot to make one and in a couple of hours and a bit of patience it came together. The best thing is now that I’ve got the shape and frame sorted, a quick trip to Spotlight and I can refresh it again later for the cost of the fabric.

What made you choose printable wall art when decorating your home?

What’s not to love about printable art – I always um and argh about what size to pick prints for both my home and the girl’s rooms. So that way I can print all sizes and then pick once they’re up on the wall. And because it’s such an affordable way to have art in your home and even better you don’t have to wait for the postie to arrive! Which is a total bonus again thanks to COVID.

And just for fun, would you rather everything in your house be one colour or every single wall and door be a different colour?

If I can pick the colour then I’d choose everything the same colour. If not, then give me a rainbow!


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At home with Courtney from @courtney_approved.



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